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"What are you supposed to do when you have a great business idea, little marketing and PR know-how and a limited budget…You call Nancy Wintner, GWN Consultants…I got Nancy's name from a colleague who used Nancy to promote her book…I was impressed from the start...within two weeks she presented…a…comprehensive marketing plan that crystallized my core marketing message and laid out endless strategies to help grow and prosper my business…Nancy's step-by-step tactics were clear enough that they gave me the option to do them on my own to save money or save time and retain her… In a prior experience, I spent a lot more money and received not half as much as I did from GWN…Nancy's professional demeanor and oral communications are second to none…for me she acted as my marketing coach and business consultant providing excellent advice and superior direction…her follow through was relentless...If you are looking for someone who will lead, guide and create attainable marketing strategies, you can not go wrong with Nancy Wintner…She will see you through to your marketing goals, work alongside you, keep you on track and celebrate your successes…."

Paula Franetti, M.S., MES, CPT, President, MetaFitness (now MetaFitSolutions)

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"…When I first met Nancy, I had very limited knowledge of what marketing encompassed and how to get a strategy in place that would be both effective and efficient….…That all began to change when Nancy and I began to work hand and hand…I began to feel confident in my everyday dealings…Her mentoring and feedback inspired me to use her advanced techniques in all my affairs…Nancy truly cares about you and wants you to succeed….She is not someone who gives you a plan then walks away. Her constant communication and inquisitive nature act as a catalyst for you to keep the faith and ultimately secure more business…If you are serious about invigorating your business and looking for fresh ways to improve your marketing efforts,….Nancy is the solution for your marketing dilemma. She is the marketing professional you can count on!"

Ted W. Drost, Jr, CFS, Select Financial Group, Inc.

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"Nancy is a true expert…and one of the best in her field…Nancy has proven to us that marketing can impact the bottom line and growth of a business….She has brought us more than 200 high quality prospects …that has meant more than $600,000 in accounting fees…I can honestly tell you that we would never have accomplished that without her…"

Carl Trosch, CPA, JD, Trosch & Co CPAS

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"Writing website content can truly be a painful experience to say the least! After 30 long frustrating hours, I realized the punch and flow of my copy was just not coming together and that I needed help. …I interviewed 3 professionals….including Nancy…who I realized was the perfect choice for me. Her extensive marketing communications experience, coupled with her assurance that she could distinguish me from thousands of executive coaching businesses, sealed the deal…No doubt Nancy is much more than simply a wordsmith/copywriter. She is a pro at showing you how to attract new clients—the bottom line for me, and any business… That's why I also asked her to create my new company name, Core Marketing Message, slogan/tagline and 'talking' logo. Her work is sensational! My first thought: Wow! This is brilliant! I love it! She not only distinguished me from my competition in a way that I never thought of before, the website copy blew me away! I literally got goose-bumps reading through it! It was exceedingly clear and superbly written…a wonderful masterpiece that went beyond my expectations! …Nancy went way beyond our contractual agreement. She originally said she would offer a few ideas. A few ideas? She offered a wealth of ideas that would not only encourage and retain website visitors, but would attract clients to me for years to come! She also gave me a free one hour of free coaching! That hour changed the way I viewed myself as an executive coach…I can't tell you what a difference her coaching did for me…It is obvious what separates Nancy from other marketing and public relations professionals…Her practical problem solution approach is like no other! If you are looking for a marketing professional…whether it is for website development or marketing your business…who truly cares about clients…and will do what it takes both in time and energy to be a superstar, you must hire Nancy! She could change your life!

Kate Ripp, Owner, KTR Consulting Group, Colorado

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"Professional, trusted, idea generator...and that's just to start. As an editor of a national finance magazine and website…I welcome the opportunity to work with Nancy…Nancy is a rare find in a market replete with underperformers…she possesses an unusual combination of business savvy, creativity and intelligence that I don't find too often in media professionals...This combination makes her a true asset to local and national media campaigns…"

Marie Leone, Senior Editor, CFO Publishing New York


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"If you want to attract and secure new clients, Nancy Wintner is the professional to retain…She has a thorough understanding of marketing, the talent and expertise to secure results...and the determination and persistence to increase your bottom line…If you are struggling with your marketing effort or don't know how to make it successful, I recommend Nancy without hesitation…She's a marketing professional you can depend on for results…"

William J. Snyder, CPA, M.S. Taxation


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"One of the attractive benefits Nancy offers…is a free assessment upfront regarding whether or not a client has a story...and if a client should spend money on publicity…If a client does not have a story, she honestly tells him and recommends the project not be pursued. I don't know of any professional who offers this free service or who will turn down potential business in an effort to save clients money…."

Karl Schieneman, Esq, Former Partner, Legal Network Ltd.


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"Truly I cannot say enough good things about Nancy…other than to say this...I wish that more professionals in the field operated the way she does and could be more like her…She is among the best in the field…"

Daniel Bates, former editor, Small Business News

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"…Nancy helped me realize that a branding campaign---which is what I thought I needed---would not only cost many thousands of dollars to create and produce… it is often not the best use of marketing dollars for a small business... She pointed out that a strategic, innovative problem-solution approach---one that is not employed by most traditional law firms---could help attract new clients and outshine the competition….She not only did a sensational job in creating a customized, innovative…marketing plan featuring a wealth of creative, fresh ideas and strategies for attracting clients, she delivered a practical approach that definitely stands out from traditional law firm marketing. I have never seen or heard of an approach that resembles this one……It can even cost less than traditional marketing endeavors, saving thousands for companies…GWN's approach enables clients to better understand their issues...become more productive and profitable… helping them attract new clients or customers…Nancy's impressive skills, creativity and knowledge can benefit any service provider or business who is struggling with their marketing, dissatisfied with their current or previous marketing endeavors and wants a practical results-oriented solution. I recommend her without hesitation."

Karl A. Schieneman, former partner, Delta Law Group

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"I am pleased to give the highest recommendation to Nancy Wintner whom I have worked with over the past 15 years…While at Ketchum Public Relations, Nancy and I worked on projects together, and she has always demonstrated excellent judgment, diligence, and professionalism…Nancy delivered the highest quality of work and, because of her skills and positive attitude…she was always in demand…I can certainly attest to her high standards of excellence, and I give her my most enthusiastic endorsement…"

Robert J. Aiello, APR, Former VP/Associate Director, Ketchum Public Relations

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"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the marketing plans you have prepared for Select Financial Group…They are extremely detail oriented and have very specific goals…One of the most unique features of the plans is the way it is tailored to take into account the objectives of the individual, while, at the same time, considering that individual's personal characteristics...The hands on approach that you have shown…in the execution of the plan is far different than what I have experienced from other providers in the past…I am confident that the structure and effort put forth by you will yield very positive results…."

John P. Abriola, JD, Select Financial Group, LLC

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"Nancy Wintner/GWN Consultants generated such exceptional marketing/public relations results for my law firm Feldstein Grinberg Stein McKee that I retained her again when I started Lionshead Financial Planning Company…The challenge was to develop an article about the financial strategies I use to help attract clients…However, because the subject was extremely technical and complicated, I wasn't sure if an article could be developed…Needless to say, Nancy's firm once again hit a home run! In fact she hit three home runs… Why should you hire Nancy?...Nancy's successful system for article development and placement saved me time and money in the process…Nancy takes time to understand your business, ask the right questions and get to the heart of your marketing challenge…Nancy's relentless pursuit to achieve remarkable results, coupled with her enthusiasm, diligence and high standards of integrity make her a rare find in a jammed pack field of marketing and public relations specialists…If you are looking to market your organization or company, I highly recommend Nancy. You can count on her to understand your marketing challenges, create workable solutions and achieve first class results…"

Edwin I. Grinberg, Esq., President, Lionshead Financial Planning

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"It is seldom that I have the opportunity to write a reference letter for someone whom I can so unequivocally and enthusiastically recommend as Nancy Wintner…Several years ago I made the decision that in order to accelerate the growth of my investment firm, it would be necessary to engage the services of a marketing and public relations consultant who was thoroughly experienced in marketing professional services…Nancy proved to be that person…I have the highest respect for Nancy both as a person and as a professional and would highly recommend her as an invaluable asset to direct your marketing effort…"

Lewis N. Hyman, JD, President, The Hartwood Group

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"Nancy J. Wintner, President, GWN Consultants, has been a huge asset to our marketing team. She 'forced' me to really think about what we wanted to say, what benefits we are offering, what's important to our prospective clients and then developed a compelling way to tell our story. The web copy is much stronger than anything we had previously come up with on our own. I'm amazed how wonderful we sound...and it's all true! I just needed the right outlook and a different approach and Nancy provided that quickly and completely….I'd highly recommend Nancy…"

Victoria Downing, President, Remodelers Advantage, Maryland

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